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This E Book is being offered as a Free Gift and a blessing to you. It can be sent to your friends, given away as a bonus with other products, or distributed in any manner, as long as it is delivered unchanged via this file and as long as it is not sold at any price. Thank you..Keith A. Paul.

May the Lord pour out His Presence and Provisions as you read through this book.

Much Love,
Keith and LaQueta Paul

Download this file click on the button. Enter your Password at the prompt. After it opens up in Acrobat Reader, be sure to use Save or

Save As options to store this on your computer. If it opens in full screen mode, press escape on your keyboard so the save features are visible. If you do not have Arcobat Reader then go to and download it.  You will need this or a similar program to open this PDF.

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After you Download and open it in Adobe Reader
Instructions:     *You can read this file from the beginning or select pages (click on Pages tab) from the thumbnail section on the left side.

                            *You can also listen to it by selecting “Read out Loud” from the View Menu.

                            *This is also tagged for text flow on Hand Held Devices. Follow the instructions for your specific Device to Load to the Device.

PDF Files when opened By Adobe Reader can be read or you can listen to them by going to Read Aloud under the View Menu.
Go into your control Panel _ Sounds, Speech and Audio Devices - and Enable "text to speech", Under Speech. Also select the type of Voice